The 7 Principles of Healthy Eating

You go into the bathroom one Monday after a long weekend and step on the scale to find the unsurprising, yet, still frown-worthy, numbers blinking back at you and vow to only eat kale for the rest of the week. Except, Karen brought bagels into work. Damn you, Karen waving bagels in front of me like that, ruining my 2-hour long diet.


We all go through it. We promise ourselves that we will be good and count our calories, and watch what we eat. Then we indulge in 3 bagels with extra cream cheese. Weight Loss might not be easy, but eating healthy and regulating certain foods can be quite simple and worthwhile.


What helps is learning not to blame yourself when you do overindulge and sticking to a guideline that allows you to create small, simple rules for yourself.

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Give these guideline tips a shot to kickstart a healthy eating lifestyle


Decide that you will dedicate 30 days to eating healthy 

I’m not saying that you have to count your calories or eat perfectly for 30 days. What I am saying is that you are agreeing to dedicate yourself to the next 6 steps of this guideline for 30 days. After the 30 days is up you will celebrate your success and reward yourself.


Pick 2 cheat days, and one cheat meal on each day

This doesn’t mean go balls to the wall on your cheat day. You are choosing one meal 2 days out of the 7 day week. I usually do Wednesday and Friday/Saturday. The meal I cheat with is always dinner where I enjoy wine and sushi. This isn’t an opportunity to go get a huge burger, topped with mac and cheese and finished with fries. Those things should be saved for special occasions and celebrating accomplishments.


Set some rules for yourself that you can stick to

My rules are:

  • Only have a dessert food 2 times a week and only very small portions
  • Drink my coffee black and don’t add sugar
  • Stick to less than 30g of sugar a day
  • No soda
  • No meal skipping

These are a few rules that I live by and are easy for me to live with. Create rules that will aid in your weight loss but are easy to live with.

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Vow to eat veggies 

Not just eat them but fill your plate with them. Vegetables contain the most nutrients, vitamins, are lower in calorie and will fill you up. Anytime you are able to skip heavy carbs and substitute vegetables you should try to. Regardless it should be a rule to have some kind of vegetable with every meal. Vow to incorporate them in interesting ways. Take a look at some of these clever recipes:

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Variety is the spice of life

What we are looking for is a balanced diet rich with vitamin, minerals, and nutrients to fuel your body enabling you to live healthier. When you are preparing your plate make sure that, not only are you getting your veggies, but you are eating all different kinds of veggies regularly. Part of that variety needs to be different proteins, and whole grains, and lean meats

Practice portion control

Portion control is huge. You want to be mindful of how much food you are consuming. It is all too easy to eat large quantities without even realizing it. My coworkers make fun of me all the time because I eat the tiniest portions for lunch, but I’m just exercising portion control.

Remember balance and moderation are key

Moderation is first of all about portion control which we just discussed but also includes not eating too often throughout the day and limiting foods that are bad for you. Do I eat ice cream? Heck yea I do! But I don’t eat it every day of the week. I eat it on Sunday nights with half a mug cake.


Yu want long-term results not just a crash diet and that’s why it is more important to remember that you are only human and one cupcake isn’t going to make you fat just like one piece of broccoli won’t make you skinny. Stay dedicated and focused on the goals and just remember that weight loss takes time and practice just like anything else worth doing.


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