The Easiest Way to Tap Into Your Talent

I’ve worked a wide variety of jobs. I’ve worked in a grocery store, a nightclub, in retail, in restaurants, in a medical office, as a makeup artist, as a receptionist, as a hairstylist, as a headhunter… you get the idea.

I have a little experience in a lot of different things. Which means, I never really developed a solid skill set for any one thing. I never found and developed my talent within my job.

For example, I was a hairstylist for 2 months and I really had no business cutting anyone’s hair in the first place. I was so bad I actually gave someone a bald spot . After two months of working there, I decided hair just wasn’t for me and I packed in my clippers in search of the next thing.

I might have been a good headhunter but I hated cold calling people. I finished my 5 month internship and left.

I was a pretty good bottle girl but I didn’t really see myself doing that long term. I did that for 4 months.

I tried, and I tried but I always lost interest before developing any real skill.

The thing is, I’ve always had the same problem when it came to finding a job that “fit me”. I’ve always been interested in everything so it’s hard for me to just pick one thing.

However, through all the searching, trying, and failing, I found a common thread. None of my jobs involved the one thing I’ve always loved, writing. For as long as I can remember I have had a passion, talent, and interest in writing. My whole life I’ve always had journals and notebooks that I fill with random ideas, stories, lists, blurbs, and notes.

So what did all these other jobs have in common that dissuaded me from wanting to pursue them further? Well, maybe,(without fully realizing it) I didn’t feel like I was developing the talent and passion that I already had within me.

There are a few lessons I’ve learned through all that trial and error of job hopping;

You have untapped talent and potential

We all have talent and potential whether we realize it or not, it is there. It is waiting for us to tap into it and develop it. The universe works in the strangest ways trying to get you to see it.

I used to write down lists of all the things I was bad at. I would practically write stories about how I had no talent and what a waste it would be to find out I was average at everything. Just writing on and on, not realizing the irony of the situation. Not realizing that the universe was trying to say, “Shut up! Look at you right now, using your talent to prove to yourself that YOU HAVE NO TALENT.” It’s likely that the talent you’re searching for is right in front of your face but you’re refusing to look. You have untapped abilities don’t try to convince yourself otherwise.

You don’t have to be the best

I am not the best writer, I can say that with confidence. This isn’t taking a shot at my skills, it is having the humility to understand that there is always room to improve.

If someone gave me this advice three years ago, that I don’t have to be the best, I would have said, “Yea right, like I’m going to do something that I’m average at and call that talent. No thanks”. I’ve always wanted to be instantly successful. Right out of the gate be the next Michael Jordan of hairdressing, or writing, or bartending. The irony here is if you quit because you aren’t the best, not only will you stay average but, you’ll never get any better either. Writing helped me to see that if something sparks a fire in you stick with it, get good, and work hard at it. Don’t let the fear of being inadequate hold you back from being amazing.

Explore to your heart’s content

I never want to look back on my life and say “I wish I tried that,” I’d much rather look back and say “boy I really sucked at that”.

I have no reservations about trying all my different jobs and hobbies and pursuing my interest in everything. It has given me the foresight of knowing my strengths, my weaknesses, and my vulnerabilities. It taught me to push myself, establish a good work ethic, and develop a positive mindset about things I didn’t necessarily want to do. Nothing along your journey is a mistake, everything is a lesson. Explore things you are afraid to try, think you might not be good at, or think you’ll have a knack for. If it interests you, it’s worth a shot. Do it while you are young and you still have the freedom to explore.

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It took me a while to realize that focusing on the talent I didn’t have never got me anywhere. Sitting in my in my room trying to decipher what I wanted to be good at, what I thought I’d never get better at and worrying that I had no talent, never helped me much. What helped me, was embracing the challenges and the opportunities in front of me– i.e the all the chances the universe gave me to grow and learn.

We get so hung up on not finding that perfect thing, not feeling like we have something that is tangible enough to develop a skill for. I always wrote notebooks full of pages but for some reason couldn’t see that writing was that little spark of underdeveloped talent.

The universe will hand you exactly what you are searching for. You will be presented with everything you ask for so consider looking at everything around you before you go questioning why your happiness can’t be found.

Now tell me in the comments below, what is your talent? What is holding you back from finding it and developing it?

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