How To Stay Motivated When The Holidays Hit

“Oh my GOD I AM SO TIRED,” I say as I squish my face up with my hands and rub my eyes, sleepy from exhaustion. Anyone else just feel like there just isn’t enough time in a day!? Especially between Thanksgiving and New Years. Tis the season to give up on goals! How does anyone stay motivated??


It was about this time last year that I gave up on my first blog. I said “screw it, I’m just too busy right now. I don’t have time, I’ll start again later”. Only later turned out to be never. Once you let it go it is so hard to get it back. My first blog died alongside my motivation. RIP.


I’ve vowed to myself that I’m not going to let that happen again, oh no, not this year. This year I’m coming prepared to fight off the laziness demons that intrude my soul around the holiday season. I will stay motivated this year. 


If you need a combat plan for the holidays, here’s mine:


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Make time not excuses

a. No one has time, yet some people still manage to get things done

b. Stop making excuses and put down the rum and eggnog


I was listening to this podcast, a while back, from Marie Forleo called “How to get anything you want“. She gave me this advice that I found to be a mix of tough love and a lesson in honesty. She said to me (in the comfort of my car through my radio) to list out 10 of your most commonly used excuses. I thought about it for a minute and then, very easily, rattled off my list:

I’m too busy

I don’t have the money

I don’t know how to do that

I have work early in the morning

I just want to relax

I’m tired

I have plans

I want to hit the gym (Haven’t used that one in a while)

I’m not making progress

I have other priorities

I want to hang out with my friends/boyfriend

As I looked over my list, I realized what she was getting at. All of these excuses suck and could be easily thwarted off with a little bit of effort on my part.

Think about all the times you’ve made these same excuses or very similar ones. Now try to grasp that every time you make one of these excuses you are pushing your goals further out of reach. Face it, these reasons are bullshit and it’s the way that you rationalize not going after what you really want. Squash your excuses, make time for what matters. If you can’t make time then it doesn’t really matter to you.


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There’s levels to this $h*t – Meek Mill

Meek told me that there’s levels to this $h*t. When I say me, again, I mean the radio in the comfort of my car.

It’s hard to stay motivated if we only focus on the end goal. It can seem so far off and so unattainable. Going after a goal should be like playing a video game. You have to start with the easiest level. Set a small target goal, and work your way up, level by level, to that big unsurmountable goal. The one you thought you’d never achieve. The compound effect of all those small achievements mounts up to success. 

Goals are basically just the video game of life. All the levels are fun and exciting and they should lead up to something great, but enjoy the game too. You don’t play a video game wishing to be at the end, winning already. No! Where’s the fun in that? Love every level, that’s the whole point. Winning the game is cool but it’s the journey that matters.

Wait but WHY?

Staying motivated is easy if you know the reason why. My “why” has always been, starting my own business means never having to report to my boss ever again. That really does it for me. Well okay, not just that, but fulfilling my passion in a way that makes me feel like what I do everyday matters. That’s what really gets me going.  

You can swear up and down that you want to achieve your goal of becoming a writer, an athlete, an artist, whatever you want to be. You can have all of the talent and skill in the world, but none of that means a damn thing if you don’t have clarity about why you want it. What you need is a fundamentally sound reason that keeps you up at night. Find that reason, and nothing will stop you from getting what you want.


Tell me how you stay motivated during the holidays!

What do you find is the most challenging? What helps you to stay focused? How do you commit yourself to your goals?

Drop a comment below!

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