Lost in a Sea of Vanilla | How to Stand Out From Crowd


Do you know what it feels like to be lost in a sea of vanilla?


It’s kind of like this; There was this girl named Carly. She was a makeup artist and she was very passionate about makeup. She loved working on clients, she loved buying new products, and so she decided that she would combine her love of makeup and love of writing to start a makeup blog. She wrote blog posts, took Instagram worthy photos and spent time creating beautiful and interesting makeup looks. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have a happy ending. She found little success in a niche that was already so over saturated with makeup gurus and felt like her efforts were all for nothing.

All of her makeup reviews and advice were getting lost in the noise. When she looked around at everyone else’s Instagram she realized that everything started to look and sound the same. The reviews sounded the same, the photos looked the same, even the captions were the same! Her content was just like everyone else’s! She was hopelessly and utterly lost amongst boring look-alikes and wannabe makeup Instagrammers. Hopelessly lost in a sea of vanilla.

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That’s my story. That’s what happened when I tried to be a beauty blogger, and it’s why I gave up on my goal. The more I realized I was doing exactly the same thing as everyone else the less passionate I felt about my trade. I didn’t want to be like those wannabes, I wanted to stand out. Not only was I blending in but I couldn’t compete with the photoshop and editing technology of my competitors. Instead of learning to stand out, I gave up all together.

After a lot of consideration and thinking about why I failed, I came to the realization that moving to a different niche wouldn’t solve my problem. What would solve my problem was learning how to be different, how to be strawberry when everyone else is vanilla.

If you are getting lost in the noise but you are passionate about what you’re working on, don’t give up hope yet. Find a way to stand out and become a different variation of your favorite flavor!


How to stand out and be your own flavor


Pistachio – what are the nuts of your niche?


Cat grooming wasn’t a niche until someone decided; “Hey you know what people need? More tips and videos on how to groom your cat!” BAM, they became the go-to-girl for cat grooming videos. Meanwhile, everyone else was competing for their spot in an oversaturated pet grooming niche. The point is, find the thing about your passion that only you are an expert at. What about you sets you apart from the herd? Now use those differences to your advantage.


Coconut lemongrass – be the weird flavor that people wanna try

Get weird. People tend to hide their weirdness for fear that others won’t respond well but what happens is just the opposite really. Your differences will set you apart in a good way. What makes a passion vanilla? When it is just like everyone else. Don’t be afraid to get weird, be the coconut lemongrass ice cream. Being different is the epitome of standing out in your niche. I’m sure the person who started doing special FX makeup when it wasn’t Halloween felt awkward at first about it too. Set the standard.


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Rootbeer – You are not the flavor for everyone

Have you ever had root beer flavored anything? It’s gross, but some people love it! There is a place for you in a market that not everyone is going to relate to, and that’s okay. There is a company out there called Exo Protein Bars. They make protein bars out of crickets. Mmmm… tasty! If they can be a profiting niche by feeding people bugs so can you! Maybe you shouldn’t feed people bugs, but just do something unique.


Cotton Candy – Solve a problem

When I was little I thought that cotton candy ice cream would solve any problem. “Oh your sad, I know what will fix that, cotton candy ice cream” The best niche’s, are like this, they solve a problem. Turn your passion into a problem that you can solve. Maybe you’re a fashion blogger that realizes more people need to know how to tailor their pants and so you give them tips, tricks, and what not to do, videos on tailoring. Look, now you are a hero! Your solving someone’s problem. This can seem insignificant, especially when the problem seems so small, but if you chose “fashion” as your niche you will get lost. It’s good to start small and grow from there.


Mashed potatoes

Have you ever seen commercials for Friendly’s or Baskin Robins and your like “Damn that ice cream looks so good!” If you’re like me, you start to think; “How do they keep the ice cream from melting? How do they get the perfect scoop?” If you’re really like me, you then Google it and find out that it’s not ice cream at all, it’s actually mashed potatoes! People that are really good at their niches operate similarly; They find a way to make everything look polished and perfect even when it might not really be that way. Get creative and think outside the box. What kind of spin can you put on your niche to shine a new light and let people see it in a way that they’ve never thought about it before?


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Rocky road – The road less traveled

I left the makeup niche behind and took a different path. Writing has always been my true love anyway. Makeup will always a passion, but it lost some of it’s luster when I realized that everything can be photoshopped to look better. Sometimes you have to veer away from what you’re used to in order to find something better.


Don’t get caught up in all the noise, definitely don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. The more you compare yourself to others and try to be like them the more you will blend in. Don’t be afraid to try something new and be outside the box. I know it seems scary but there is growth in doing the things you are uncomfortable doing.


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