You've heard the saying, change your attitude, change your life. I believe that our lives are made up of the decisions we make every day and our reaction to the outcome of those decisions. If you are looking at your life thinking, "how did I get here?" You can attribute where you are to the decisions you have made. At some point, you need to stop blaming bad luck, coincidence, misfortune and take responsibility for your actions. Make a decision right now to change your life, to make your next move a step in the direction that you want your life to go. There are endless opportunities if you so choose to find them.

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash
Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

Plan Your Week! Organizing for Success

There is a lot that goes into setting goals but maybe one of the most important things is having a plan.Let me help you plan your guide to success!

5 Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now

There is an art to finding happiness in the small everyday things, but if you are able to do so than you will find happiness in all areas of life. Start by considering 5 things that are making you happy right now.

Feeling Lazy? 5 Tips to Get you Out of a Slump

Being lazy and falling into a slump affects everyone at one point or another. What separates those who succeed from those who fail....

Control Negative Thinking for a More Positive Life

Negativity can cause us to feel trapped and out of control. It can make us feel like we are permanently stuck. In a way, you are stuck. It is impossible to move forward if you are in a cycle of pessimism. Read on, to discover how to rid yourself of feeling stressed, worried, and not good enough.

Ditch Your Ego | Become More Successful

We often confuse ego with confidence. In reality, having an ego will stand in the way of your confidence. Your ego is what makes you fear failure and embarrassment from failure. Your brain is not designed to try new things. We are designed to avoid mistakes at all costs.....

Practicing the Act of Giving

Deepak Chopra outlines the act of giving in order to receive and explains how energy is dynamic and constantly flowing. Understand how this law works in action. Learn how you can get the most out of life by practicing the act of giving.

Halfway There: Time Revisit your Goals

Why have goals? Because “The people who make a living doing what they love are the people who insist on doing so. They don’t give up. They never give in. They dare life to not let them do what they love” -Tony Robbins

Create The Perfect Morning Routine

Imagine if you started your day like I do. How energized and relaxed you would feel before your day even began? I was never a morning person trust me but, now I love having extra time in the morning. Here is how I get my start to feel energized and ready to take on the day

Start Living in the Moment Right Now

If you are always rushing off to the next thing or wishing for time to move faster, you too, are cheating yourself out of life. You have to remember that it is important to enjoy what you have at the very moment. You should never wish days away because you will never get those days back. You have to make the most of everything you have and be grateful for it.

Wake Up and Have A Mindset of Gratitude

Gratitude is the force that brings us closer to our goals. That’s why it’s important to wake up every day with a grateful heart and to say thank you, even when we don’t necessarily feel thankful for our current situation.

Consistency is Key: Breaking Bad Habits and Forming Good Ones

Consistency is a life skill that is extremely important to learn if you want to be successful at anything. When we consistently work at something we reach our goals faster and get better results than we ever expected. When it comes to forming new habits and getting rid of old ones...

Staying Positive Around Negative People

We cannot let anyone else mood affect us in a negative way. We can't help that some people walk around with a chip on their shoulder. All we can do is live our own journeys and learn from our experiences.   

The Power of Choices

Every day you are confronted with choices. The choice to get out of bed in the morning or sleep in. The choice to have a stack of pancakes for breakfast or yogurt and fruit. The choice to make a friend or an enemy. The choice to spend money or save money. Everyone is making choices all of the time but only some of us are making choices consciously while the rest of us or sleepwalking through our lives

6 Steps to Setting Goals an Crushing Them

Are you floating around in life or do you have a plan? Do you at least have a dream or an idea of what you want your life to be like? Many of us have hopes and dreams of what we think our lives should be like now and in the future. Some of us don’t have goals at all. Sometimes we might have a goal but no idea how to get there and we're just hoping that one day we will, in fact, get there. We hope that life will just take us in the right direction. Live your life with intention and start setting goals!

Get Motivated When you are too Tired to Care

Sometimes we struggle to find motivation. We are feeling over worked, or burnt out, or maybe we can't even muster up the motivation to start working towards a goal. There is no feeling worse than wanting to do something but just feeling too tired to get it done. Use this as a guide to motivate you when you're feeling too tired to care and utterly unmotivated.

7 Ways to Cleanse your Mind of Negative Energy

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about negative energy and the effect it has on our subconscious. We all experience negative energy whether it comes from the people around us, space we’re in, or just generating it ourselves. Negative energy can fester and become a problem in your life...

Positive Vibes: Improve your Life

Happy people live more fulfilling lives. Don't let yourself believe that other people are luckier than you are. Don't let your negativity hold you back. Learn how to improve your life through the power of positive thinking.

Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness

Taking responsibility is hard. Taking responsibility for our happiness is even harder. When we hold ourselves accountable for our problems we learn to face them and improve our lives..

Next Steps...

Take the first step towards a positive life. Get daily motivation and the 3  everyday mantras to help you motivate, inspire, and start creating the future you want.