Your Mindset Determines Your Success

How do you get to where you want to be? First, you have to know where you’re going. Second, you have to have a plan to get there. The third? More important than knowing where you’re going or having a plan, is believing that no matter what, you won’t stop until you get where you want to be. That is what differentiates a successful people from everybody else.

One story that comes to my mind when thinking about success mindsets and determination is Suzy Batiz. The founder and creator of Poo Pourri, a natural bathroom odor solution. Before Suzy was wildly successful with her poo perfume she failed hard. Really hard. At 40 Suzy had failed 2 business ventures and was filing for her second bankruptcy. So what did she do? She started her 3rd business venture, learning from her past mistakes and building a wildly successful company. She stayed determined and she never quit.

What makes Suzy or anyone else who reaches their big crazy goals different from the rest of us? It’s pretty simple, they have a mindset built for success.

The 8 mindset differences between those who succeed and those who give up.

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Fixed or growth

Do you think things are the way they are, and they will never change? Or do you think the actions you take determine your outcome?

A fixed mindset says that your circumstances are due to your environment and there isn’t anything you can do to fix it. You believe that things are the way they are and you just accept that as it is, good or bad. A growth mindset doesn’t let circumstances determine their outcome. They know that where there is a will there is always a way. Successful people don’t wait for change to come they create the change they want to see.

If you limit what you think you can do you have a fixed mindset and are less likely to excel as far as someone who has an empowering mindset and is driven by coming up with strategies to work around a problem.

Harnessing dedication or not committing

Dedication is the key to completing any hard task. If you have ever started a diet, a gym regimen, or a house-project and failed to complete it, then you have experienced the outcome of not committing yourself to something.

The only way to really dedicate yourself to something is to have a strong motivation to finish it and have an end goal. A couple years ago I bought this car. A beautiful, crimson red, Jeep Wrangler. I was in love. There was just one issue, it was a stick and I had never driven stick before. I decided that I wouldn’t let something silly like that stop me from buying it because I could just learn to drive stick. Let me tell you, that was the scariest, most frustrating,fear-inducing process. Driving stick is hard, but I learned. It taught me a lesson about myself. I found that if I wanted something bad enough I could have it, even if it was scary, difficult, or very challenging.

Vision vs situation

Success-driven people hardly ever look at the situation for what it is. They could be the lowest rung on the ladder but all they see is how close they are to the top. Situational people only see their life for what it is at that very moment. On the same bottom rung, all they focus on is how far away the top is.

The difference is that successful people have a vision and they focus on that vision. The situation they are currently in, doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is their journey to the top. When you think like this you start to develop new solutions and strategies that get you closer to your goals. When you focus on what you want and not what you have you will find a way to get there.


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Developing yourself or plateauing

How many of us after college stopped reading books, or stopped trying to learn new skills? We got into our comfy jobs and we’re like okay now I just need to get to my next paycheck, or promotion, or the next job title. We start to only learn things if we have to for the job we have.

Successful people learn intentionally. Developing yourself doesn’t mean learning skills because you have to for the job that you have it means learning new skills to further develop the person you want to be. Some people think it’s silly to focus on learning Mandarin because it’s the requirement at your company to be COO and other people see that as a place they can develop their skills for the future. Learn and enhance your skills with purpose not because your boss is telling you to.

Abundance vs scarcity

A person who has everything believes that there will always be more and therefore they always have more. Abundance and scarcity are both just a state of mind. No matter who you are there will always be someone who has more and always someone who has less. More or less, scarcity or abundance don’t matter. What matters is the side of the spectrum you see yourself on. Successful people always see themselves as having many things and being grateful for what they have. Where unsuccessful people never have enough, they can get what they want and they still don’t have enough. Happiness is impossible for those who never see themselves as having enough.

Fear and failure

If you’re going to try you have to be ready to fail. Successful people know that failure is part of the process, but they don’t fear failure they embrace it and understand that in order to be better we have to be wrong once and awhile. Those that fail hard and get back up have the fighting spirit that helps them progress.


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Purpose vs reason

We all have reasons for doing things. We have a reason to get up and go to work in the morning. A reason to watch tv when we get home. A reason to go to the gym or skip it. There are reasons for everything, but successful people don’t have reasons and they don’t have excuses they have purposes. If you are doing things on purpose you are doing them with conscious effort and intention. If you do more things on purpose and not just because you feel like it, you will find yourself more dedicated and motivated. Reasons are really just excuses in disguise but purpose is carefully thought out and planned.

Predict obstacles or avoid them

Motivated, success driven, people know that no matter what there will always be obstacles along the way. While others give up when they reach an obstacle the successful person saw it coming from a mile away and is prepared to face it. Some of us let obstacles stop us before even attempting to start. If you can foresee obstacles and plan ahead you will have more success in all of your endeavors.

If you go into projects and plans without confronting the obstacles you might face those challenges might deter you off course. Face challenges head-on before they happen and plan for the worst.


The good news is, is that you can be the type of person that has a success mindset. You can be the type of person that reaches their goals and has everything they want in life. Why wouldn’t you want to be that person? One might say it is because they are a realist, or because “I have to have special talents or skills to do XYZ and I’ll never be that good”. At the end of the day, those are the excuses people make when they are too afraid to fail so they don’t even try.

If you’re ready to start failing and winning and getting your mindset to the next level of success tune in next week for part II.

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