Maybe You Should Rethink Getting Those Lash Extensions

There is a very appealing allure to getting lash extensions. Who doesn’t want to wake up with big beautiful lashes, and not have to worry about layering on mascara while trying to achieve that “maybe she’s born with it” look? Some of us would pay any amount of money for the ease and convenience of having lash extensions. They fulfill our dreams of having long, dark, full lashes. The truth is, lash extensions aren’t always as glamorous as they seem. They can have a lot of complications and problems that you may not be prepared for. I had to try them out because they look really amazing when they’re done well. If you’ve never tried lash extensions before but are thinking about dropping some money on them, this post is for you.  


Before I got my lash extensions

I did my research. I was hesitant because the application requires medical grade super glue that poses some risks. If applied incorrectly there are risks of losing your eyesight, having infections, or pain and discomfort. Even if applied correctly there is still a concern of infection and allergic reaction. I didn’t let my paranoia get the best of me. I consider myself a bit of a risk taker and decided to go through with it anyway.


5 Reasons Why You Should Rethink Getting Lash Extensions


Allergic reactions

People often have allergic reactions to the adhesive used to attach the eyelash or the solution used to remove the eyelash. This can cause swelling, redness and impaired vision. Kristin Chenoweth’s, a Broadway actress, tells it all in her experience. She had a bad reaction and her eyes swelled up so bad. She appeared on the Late Night Show while wearing sunglasses expressing that, “It looks like I have lips on my eyelids”. Eyelash extensions are cute, lips for eyelids not so much.


Lash extensions have a high risk of getting infected. The material most used is either synthetic or mink. When handled improperly this material can carry bacteria which is then getting transferred directly to your eye. This is one reason why it’s really, really important to go to a clean salon and not one that looks like they heat their Marie Callender’s in the same place as their hot towels.


Day 1 of lash extensions

Before beginning my esthetician applied glue on my wrist to test for allergies. The application process took about two hours. I am not one that sits still for two hours. I listened to music and did my best to fall asleep, but I was awake through the whole thing and it was a very long two hours. When they were finally done I looked in the mirror and I was really impressed. I felt like Kylie Jenner all glamorous without having any makeup on. It was pretty sweet. My esthetician told me to not apply mascara or eyeliner for two days and to do my best not getting the lashes wet for two days. Also, when removing makeup after the two days I was to stay away from oil-based makeup removers.  

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Lash Extensions are really really pricey especially for only lasting a short 2-3 weeks. The average price in Boston is $150-175 for the application and $50-75 for biweekly fills. That’s a lot to drop on lashes. Don’t even think about going somewhere that promises cheap sets and fills, because you will get what you pay for, and what you pay for might be pink eye.


Day 3 of lash extensions

I started wearing my eyeliner again but stayed away from mascara since I wasn’t finding that I needed it. Taking off my eyeliner at the end of the night was the worst. You can’t really rub your eyes because it pulls on the lashes and it feels like you’re pulling your eyelashes out. Still, they looked really pretty and I would wake up in the morning without any makeup feeling beautiful


They can look tacky

I thought mine looked nice but, I’ve seen girls with lash extensions that look like they have spiders glued on to their eyes they look so bad. If they are not done by someone who is really skilled and has a lot of experience they look fake and unnatural. You want lash extensions to look like your real lashes, otherwise why not just use strip lashes. I have seen some pretty tacky and bad looking lash extensions, and let me tell you it’s not a very good look on anyone.


Week 1

After 1 week I noticed some of the lashes starting to fall out. Let me tell you when one of these bad boys gets into your eyes it doesn’t feel like a normal eyelash it feels like an eyelash on steroids. It hurts. I started putting on a very light layer of mascara to make my lashes look fuller after losing a few. They were still looking pretty nice

Lash extensions, beauty, positive vibes, health and wellness, celebrity makeup, eye makeup,

Hair loss

It’s really a vicious cycle when you start getting lash extensions; You get them, they’re beautiful, they fall off, they’re ugly, your natural lashes are hardly there because they fell out too, therefore you have to go back and get more lash extensions. Even worse, getting extensions for an extended period can damage your hair follicles so badly your lashes can stop growing entirely.


Week 2

After the second week, most of the lashes began to fall out and I was applying my mascara as I normally would, to make up for the deficit. Without my mascara, the lashes began to look really sparse and It would have time to get a fill.


Week 3

Almost all the lashes had fallen out except for a few stragglers that I so badly wanted to remove myself but you can’t because they are still super glued on so you just have to wait till they’re gone. My natural lashes were looking a lot shorter too. They all looked like baby eyelashes that just grew in and weren’t full length yet. I was definitely experiencing some natural lash loss.


All-in-all lash extensions are great for a special occasion. They look amazing when they are done right. I would advise not doing them on a regular basis for risk of infection and negatively affecting eyelash growth.



Have you gotten lash extensions? How do you feel about them?


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