Getting Botox in Your 20’s All Your Questions Answered

4 months ago I got Botox for the first time, I am only 23 but it is one of the benefits of working in a plastic surgeon's office so I wasn’t going to say no to the free Botox. I laid down on the bed rolling my forehead with the ice cold roller, asking, “does it hurt?” Dr. Onir, the most loved injector, said, “no, no, no it shouldn’t hurt. It’ll be quick” and my coworker stood by my side to record the whole thing. I felt a needle poke into my skin 4 times in between my eyebrows and I felt the blood rush to my face. Then I felt 5 or 6 more needle pokes on my forehead these ones stinging a bit more. “Okay, we're done” The lights went off and a cool lavender cloth came down over my face.


I never really thought about getting botox before. I always thought it was something that rich older women got done that made their eyebrows stick up like they were frozen in surprise and I definitely never thought that it would be anything I wanted or needed at 23.


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After I got up and the blood came back to my face I looked in the mirror to examine the little bumps that ballooned up between my eyebrows. By the end of the day, a small bruise would form there. 


For the first 3 days, nothing changed. I could still move my eyebrows and I still had lines around my face when I did so. Finally, after about a week I noticed that there were no lines when I moved my eyebrows. I could still make facial expressions, but I did it without lines forming on my face.


If you were to ask me how botox feels the best way to describe it is that you are more aware of your forehead and how much you move your eyebrows. It’s like you can feel yourself doing it more. I was a little self-conscious that people might notice and say something but no one did and I don’t think anyone but me was paying that much attention to my forehead.


This week was round 2

Watch me get injected!

My second time getting Botox. This time I couldn't wait for the day to come. Once you get it once you see what a difference it makes. My skin looked so smooth and the creases that would appear in my makeup by the end of the day weren’t there anymore. I was hooked.


This time though, I thought it would be fun to go over some FAQ’s with Taylor, Dr. Onir’s aesthetic coordinator, and injectable/ skin care expert. Young people are nervous to get Botox for the first time and probably think that they don’t want or need it but in case you were considering it and wanted more information I interrogated Taylor for some answers.

Me: What is Botox and how does it work?

Taylor: Botox is actually just a brand name. Neurotoxin botulinum can be Disport, Xeomin (which I got), or Botox. It works by paralyzing the muscles temporarily. It prevents the muscles from contracting which is what causes wrinkles in our skin over time. If you don’t move the muscles you don’t move the skin and you don’t cause lines to form. The more often you do it the weaker the muscles will get and the fewer treatments you’ll need. It even works if you already have wrinkles and can reverse the lines. It’s like if you were to take a leather coat that was bunched up and wear it for a few days. Those wrinkles would start to fall away.


Me: Why should someone as young as 23 get Botox?

Taylor: You don’t have to start at 23, but it is good to start early. The sooner you stop the muscles the better. It is preventing movement in your face, in turn, preventing wrinkles. Especially if you are genetically prone to fine lines. It is different from person to person though. The reason you want to start young and prevent lines is that once they become deep you get to a certain point where they can’t be reversed anymore and have to be treated with filler.


Me: Are there risks?

Taylor: Yes, depending on how it’s injected. You could experience drooping of the lid or eyebrows. That’s the most common side effect and only happens if not injected properly. You have to see a doctor that is experienced and trustworthy. However, the dropping will wear off when the Botox does and that takes about 3 months.


Me: How often do you have to get it?

Taylor: Retreatment, in the beginning, is every 3 months but after a year of treatment your muscles should be weakened. Eventually, you will be able to come just a couple times a year.


Me: How long does it take to kick in?

Taylor: 7-14 days but some kick in faster. There is one on the market now that will kick-in in 24 hours and will wear off in 2 weeks. That would be a good trial product if you were unsure about getting botulinum.


Me: Who Can administer treatment?

Taylor: Physician, nurse, PA, or dentist. That means you are not necessarily seeing a doctor so it’s important to research and know who is injecting you.


So there you have it. My advice to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet and is considering it? If you have the money and want a little confidence boost then go for it. It really does improve the appearance of skin even for a youngin like myself. Plus, it will help you out in the long run. When everyone else is getting lines, and wrinkles they’ll wonder what your secret is. Just make sure you do your research on the injector and go to someone trustworthy.

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Before Botox!

If you’ve gotten Botox, tell us about your experience. Did you love it or hate it?


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