Feeling Fatigue? Here’s How to Reclaim Your Energy

If you’ve been following along this week than you saw my post  “Feeling Lazy? How to get out of a slump”. This article focuses on our mentality, becoming lazy because we don’t know what the next move is for our lives and become distracted by the thought of giving up. We don’t give up just because we’re lazy, but because we physically feel too drained to do anything else. Fatigue hits all of us hard from time to time. The tips and strategies that help you get out of a funk won’t cure your fatigue. So first identify if what your feeling is funk or fatigue and then try these strategies.


While there could be many reasons for your lack of energy the common ones have to do with sleep, diet, stress, and environment so I will touch on all of these.

You're not drinking enough water

Water (as you may know) is very important to a healthy body but is so often overlooked. Lack of water can contribute to many common problems that are brushed off like dry skin, bad digestion, sore muscles hunger, and yes lack of energy. I am so guilty of not drinking enough water, but I do the best I can by setting reminders in my phone ans trying to always have a bottle on hand. I recommend plant nanny if you need a way to track your water intake.


You get the quantity part of sleep but not the quality

When it comes to a restful nights sleep quality is just as important as quantity. It’s great that you get your 7-8 hours a night, but are those hours truly restful? If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep try melatonin a natural relaxant to help promote and generate more melatonin in the body, which is the chemical in your brain that puts you to sleep. It also helps to shut your screens off at least a half hour before bed. Try reading instead this always makes me super drowsy. Melatonin + chamomile tea + reading = the best nights sleep ever

You aren't managing stress well

Do you ever go into a hard days work where orders and demands are coming in at you left and right, you have to fix other peoples mistakes and you got a nasty call from your landlord ruining your day #metoo. Don’t you feel drained before 10:00 am even rolls its ugly little head around mocking you that you still have 7 hours left! Managing your stress levels throughout the day can allow you to take things in stride and not get burnt out too fast.


You don’t realize that it’s your environment sucking the energy out of you

Certain places and people can leave you feeling amped up and energized or like they just sucked the life out of you. It is important to recognize what and who is stealing the energy from you. Of course, nothing is actually taking your energy, but just like stress, when you find someone or something exasperating it can physically cause you to feel fatigued. Pay attention to what makes you feel energized and what makes you feel drained so that you can control how much mental energy your using.

You're eating the wrong foods

Processed sugars, all the wrong carbs, and not enough protein is sure to wreak havoc on your system and leave you feeling lethargic. There is a reason why Monday has the reputation of being the worst day of the week. All that alcohol, sugar, pizza, and lack of greens has caught up to you. If you are someone who doesn’t eat a nutrient-rich diet and lives off of processed foods, then you are probably in a perpetual state of fatigue. Add a little more greens to your diet.


Now, these explanations don’t take into account disease that can cause fatigue such as diabetes, thyroid, or iron deficiency. If you think you have any of these conditions or a lingering persisting fatigue, it is best to see a doctor. I hope these tips help those that are experiencing the drain that life brings on. 


If you have any tips or getting your energy back, leave them in the comments below!

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