This One Simple Trick Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

"I was going to but....."

I got distracted

I wanted pizza instead

My bed was calling my name I didn't"

I've gotten sidetracked, distracted, or have become unmotivated. IT SUCKS.

It wasn't until I got really determined to actually achieve my goals, that I started to make real progress.

I decided that if I wanted to achieve something I would have to learn from the experts and find out how super successful people achieve their goals.

I started to listen to podcasts, videos, and TED talks like a maniac. I needed to know how people that started from nothing could overcome the odds to start a massively successful business.

I wanted that kind of success. I had to figure out what each of their stories had in common.

As I listened, the thread eventually began to emerge. All of the speakers and thought leaders I was admiring had an ability that I was lacking.

The ability to be consistent. 


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The key to their success was keeping a routine and showing up every day.

It seemed so simple and in a way it was. The concept of consistency is easy to understand and as simple as creating a routine that you can commit to.

Before I realized how important consistency was I first recognized that the consistencies in my life weren't getting me anywhere.

My consistencies could be noted as followed:

  • Watching tv
  • Working
  • Complaining about my job
  • Going out with my friends

Yet, I had all of these big goals I wanted to achieve. I took a look at the activities I was doing daily and these things weren't going to get me anywhere!

I decided I would change that.

Remember when I said consistency was simple, yea, well, I never said it was easy.

Things don't just change overnight. It's hard to dig out deeply embedded habits. Like most people, I was struggling to maintain any consistency with my goals.

If you think implementing consistent habits might be a challenge for you, your probably right, but I assure you it is worth it.

As someone who struggled to create routines and find a compatible balance, I finally managed to figure it out. After failing again, and again at creating viable routines that I could stick to, I finally cracked the code.

I developed a sense of what it takes to show up day after day and work at something without suffering from burnout.

I’m going to show you how you too can change your life by developing this ability.

7 ways to be more consistent right now


Make your goal a habit

Habits are by definition, “an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary”. How are habits formed? Through your daily routines and actions.
The objective here is to focus on working towards your goal. Start your day by working that goal into your daily routine. The reason that you keep giving up on what you want is that it isn't a habit yet so make your goal part of your routine.

If you want to write a book start by waking up every day and writing one page.
Incorporate one small thing every day that gets you closer to the goal.
Most importantly, make sure the action isn't so difficult to maintain that you quit after a month. (exp) Asking yourself to write ten pages daily instead of one.

Progress will always get more results than perfection and when that progress is consistent it will measure up to something great. The people who have the vision to see that far ahead are the people that know what success is made of.

Commitment to the schedule

If you need help creating a schedule that will keep you committed to your goals see how to Organize for Success. It's 5 easy steps.

Once you've created a schedule that is goal focused, make a commitment that no matter what you will show up for yourself. If you are committed to the success of your goal you will consistently work at it. If you are serious about achieving your goals then you will do whatever it takes to form the habits that will get you there. You will never achieve anything if you are not committed to it.

Understand there will be setbacks

In a perfect world, you implement your good habits, you work at them every day, and you achieve your goals.

In the real world you are faced with challenges, stress, temptation, and sometimes you fall down. Part of achievement is failing. Part of failure and success is being dedicated. Don’t let anything hold you back. If you fall down, pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

Setbacks are inevitable don’t let them determine who you set out to be.

Build self-discipline

You will never break a bad habit and form a good habit without acting in accordance with the rules you’ve set for yourself and actively sticking to that plan. You have to be in control and in charge of your success.
If you know the things that usually cause you to quit, eliminate them from your routine.
A big problem I had was turning the TV on as soon as I got home. That was like a magnet to stop me from doing anything productive. A year ago I quit watching tv after work. Instead, the first thing I do when I come home is open my laptop.

Block time

The easiest way for me to stay consistent is by blocking time and putting it down in a planner. You can use a digital planner, but I love being able to write things down on paper. I use my Bloom Daily Planner because it comes with goal tracking extras for maximum organization and planning possibilities.

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Set up a 3-month plan

Rather than say that this is my life now and I will consistently show up to do this thing for...ever? Okay, yes you should work at it until you've met your end goal but big end goals take longer than we think.

If you aren't making massive progress you might get discouraged. It's better to break up a big goal into small goals. Set small 3-month goals to keep you focused on the short-term progress and make those small wins feel way better.

Ignore the self-doubt

This is always my biggest issue and the reason I quit most things.

Setting goals sucks in a way because all of a sudden this voice that was never there before appears in the back of your mind telling you all the reasons you can't do this and all the ways you will inevitably fail.

The voice never goes away but it does get softer. Sometimes it gets so soft you can't even hear it. Push on even especially when everything within you is telling you to quit.

Ignoring the self-doubt was a huge part of keeping myself on track and not quitting. It is really hard to feel like the goal is worth it when you aren't seeing any progress in the beginning.

When we persistently work at something we reach our goals faster and get better results than we ever expected. It is a life skill that is extremely important to learn if you want to be successful at anything. 

If you want to find out how to set bigger and better goals download the FREE Goal Setting road map.

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