Clearing your mind of Clutter

Last week I posted a challenge to my tribe, to try the 14-day Bedroom Cleanse. Did you do it? Are we all clutter clear and living as minimalists now?  If you cleared your clutter but you don’t understand the importance of why eliminating the clutter is necessary then it's time for part II. Clearing Your Mind of Clutter, to understand the implications of keeping everything.

A little background on this, I come from a family of hoarders. My father is a pretty extream hoarder. Walking into his house is like stepping into a game of I spy, there is stuff everywhere. A lot of it is knick-knacks, antiques, and things that he just finds interesting. It’s like clutter out of control. A good portion of it is also just junk. It takes over all of his space; the garage, the basement, the kitchen, everywhere you turn there is more stuff. It takes over like a bad weed. 

I did a photography project in college where I captured his hoarding on black and white film and the pictures are really cool so you can check those out here.  

The clutter in our minds reflects in the clutter that builds up around us (trust me if you met my father you would believe me).

Clutter is something that a lot of people have in their life. I believe that it is something that people struggle with without even realizing it’s a problem. At its root, clutter is disorder. The more clutter we have the more chaotic our lives can feel. When unfinished projects and items that you haven't touched in months or even years start to collect you have this constant nag that life seems a little overwhelming. 


What's worse, is that clutter actually affects you psychologically. A study done by psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs a researcher at The University of Minnesota found that working in a clean space actually leads to people being more productive and making better choices in other areas of their lives. People that worked in a decluttered workspace made healthier food choices and donated more money to charity.


I already gave you the steps to creating a cleaner space and getting rid of clutter now you just have to do it.


Once you clear your room of clutter you will be able to easily clear your mind of clutter so go back and do the first part and then continue on to part II Clearing Your Mind of Clutter in these 5 easy ways.


Create a morning routine

How does creating routines help to clear your mind of clutter? For one, when you have a routine you know what to expect of yourself. You also know that if you're not following your normal routine your head isn’t in the right space. Getting into a rhythm of doing things helps you feel like you have order and control in your life. Especially morning routines, you want to start your day off on the right foot so you feel energized all day long.

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Meditate or try yoga

Probably the best way to declutter and quiet your mind. I try to meditate everyday for 10 minutes. Meditation helps to center oneself and allows the body and mind to fully relax.  Studies on the psychology of meditation show that daily meditation reduces stress and anxiety as well as lowers blood pressure.

Yoga has a similar effect. If you are someone who can't sit still and find that meditation is difficult for you, you might be better off trying yoga. You still get the benefit of relaxing and quieting the mind without having to force yourself to sit still with your eyes closed for 10 minutes or more.


Get some exercise

When I am exercising I feel in my body more than ever. I'm not thinking about my dilemmas or tomorrows problems I am focusing on my body and my muscles. My mind feels so clear and I am way more energized and happy. 

If your form of fitness is just fitness pizza in my mouth, but you also get anxious or tense easily you should try incorporating some real exercise in your routine. You will feel the mood boost almost immediately and it is a great way to spike serotonin levels and decrease anxiety.


Do more of what makes you happy

So much of our lives are consumed by doing things we don’t want to do, like cleaning, or paying bills or commuting in traffic. We literally have to do things we don’t want to on a daily basis. It's just part of life and part of adulting I get it. Between doing all the daunting tasks make sure you're doing the things that make you happy. Life is all about balance. If you are constantly pushing off your wants and needs or if you don't even know what makes you happy anymore take a break from the hard stuff and just do something fun. 


Don’t be so hard on yourself

Some of us (ehm myself included) have the tendency to be really hard on ourselves when we don’t feel like we are getting enough done. I’m in the middle of reading the “4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris. If you haven’t read it, it’s a good read. It is about working less to get more done, but also to live your life with yourself in mind, making happiness and learning how to de-stress your life. 


Decluttering your mind can be harder than decluttering your room. Especially when you're stressed and have a lot going on but don’t know how to fix it. The clutter is so big you don’t know where to start. Take the time to focus on yourself and put all that stress away. Taking these steps is important to living a happy, mindful life. 


What’s easier decluttering your mind or your room?

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