Beauty goals means something different here. It doesn't mean having the perfect body, or the perfect hair and makeup, or learning how you can look like a model. Here, #beautygoals means the goal is to love your look no matter what it is. That is a goal we stand by and will help you reach! Are you tired of seeing Instagram models everywhere you look? So are we. Our content is different. We aren't going to judge you and we want to help you love YOU. We are only interested in what works to make us feel our best and we want to share that with you!

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Getting Botox in Your 20's All Your Questions Answered

The idea of getting Botox in your 20's seems crazy to some people. For me, the idea never occurred to me until I started working in a plastic surgeons office that offered it. Now I'm hooked. Find out everything you need to know about Botox in your 20's

Maybe You Should Rethink Getting Those Lash Extensions

There is a very appealing allure to getting lash extensions. Who doesn’t want to wake up with big beautiful lashes, and not have to worry about layering on mascara while trying to achieve that “maybe she’s born with it” look? Some of us would pay any amount of money for the ease and convenience of having lash extensions.

The Pretty Committee | The Ugly Job That defined Beauty

We call ourselves the pretty committee. We work at a plastic surgery center and it's not just the patients that are feeling vain. The pressure to be beautiful is even more pressing when you're the one selling beauty.

Skincare Routine for the Minimalist

I get it, you care about your skin but you don't have the time or energy to come up with a daily regimen. Don't let your skin suffer for it. I am a lazy girl when it comes to skincare. I will teach you how to have a skincare routine that takes less than 5 minutes in the morning!

Get Festive for the 4th | What to Wear

It's always impossible to find something last minute that is both cute and festive. Let me help take the trouble out of finding a cute 4th of July outfit! I've got you covered with outfit ideas to keep you looking fun and festive for the 4th

Fall into Lipstick Love This Summer: Find Your Shade

Every time summer rolls around and I start to get my tan on, I have to find all new makeup that matches my complexion. The lip colors that flattered me in the winter now look washed out or way too dark for the summer season. I spend hours in makeup stores trying on different lipsticks hoping to find the perfect shade. There is an easier way!

Ugh Swimsuite shopping season: How to feel confident

If you are one of the gals out there that has trouble bathing suit shopping, because you don’t know what to buy and you lose confidence halfway through trying stuff on, then this article is definitely for you!

Aging in your 20's: The Keys to Vitality

It just makes you stop and realize that life goes by so quickly. It also makes you realize how quickly things change and how it is important to embrace change and understand it. We all want to look young for as long as we can. The sooner you realize that one day you will start to look old the better. Now you can take the precautions that your parents wish they did to stay younger looking longer.

Glow all Summer with these Beauty Hacks

We all want to look like beautiful, glowing, goddess in the summer but sometimes, instead, we look like sweaty, greasy, oil blobs. Getting that perfect glow takes practice and the right products to get just right. Let me give you the steps, tips, and tricks to get that perfect summer radiance that we all want.

Dip Nails Tutorial: Easy and Perfect for the Summer

Are you on board of the dip nail trend yet? Check out this post on how to get easy beautiful dip nails for the summer!

The Truth Behind Beauty Gurus

Social media marketing, in a nutshell, is getting people to believe a reality that you are selling. People believe what they see especially if they think it is coming from a trusted source. Part of the reason that we buy into it what we see on social media is that we don’t want to believe that the beautiful people we follow and feel a connection to our lying to us..

Skin Care in Your 20's that Will Keep You Forever 21

We are always being introduced to new skin care and anti-aging technology. Anti-aging products are one of the beauty markets best sellers. They thrive off of the fact that no one wants to get old, and no one wants to look old. People are willing to spend a lot of money on looking young longer. It’s the reason why people spend thousands of dollars on Botox, fillers and facelifts. The truth about aging is that we don’t usually start to care until we are already aging and showing signs of it. Start now with your skin care and stay looking younger longer!

Feeling Beautiful in the Face of Social Media

Do you scroll through Instagram and Facebook and feel like you aren't as skinny or as pretty as the models you see? Do you envy what they have? Here is the truth about Instagram models and what you need to read if you're feeling bad about not being perfect

The Standard of Beauty

What is your idea of Beauty? What do you think societies idea of beauty is? Explore beyond what you know and what you think it means to be beautiful. Remember that what makes us special is our unique qualities. Even the girls that seem perfect feel self-conscious about something. Read on to remind yourself what it really means to be beautiful but more importantly what it means to feel beautiful.