Create an Action Plan to Actually Achieve Your Goals: 30-60-90 Day Plan

You will need to download the goal setting guide for this article to have maximum effect.

Okay so you’ve set your goals and you know what you want to get after. Hopefully, you used the FREE goal setting guide to plan your road map. If you did, you likely have a really good idea about what exactly you want to achieve.

What you need now is an action plan.

What is the very first step you are going to take on the road to success?

This guide is just a useful tool to help you figure out how to get started and what your next steps should be.

The first thing you want to have is a place to put your plan. Either a notebook, planner or word doc. I like to write out my plans by hand in my Bloom Daily Planner.

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Before you start you should decide how much time in one week you have to work towards your goal.

Make a to-do list of the utmost important tasks that you will do. It should be at least one but no more than three. Decide at the beginning of each week what tasks you will get done. More on this later.

How much time this week I have to spend working towards my goal:

What are the 3 most important tasks to accomplish this week:

30-day: Planning

  • 3 action moves,
  • 1 experimental thing,
  • network with 3 new people,
  • develop knowledge around 1 specific subject

The purpose of the 30-day goal setting is to get you in the habit of working consistently on your goal every week for a 30-day period. It’s important that, after establishing your 30-day plan, you go back and fill out your weekly “3 important tasks list”, mentioned above.

Action Items

The action items should be the most important things for you to do in order to achieve this goal. These are tasks that will you should do weekly and consistently. (exp. your goal is to write a book. Action item would be: write 5 pages every week)

I advise on having no more than five but no less than three, action items. More than five would be overwhelming because the action items should be things that you can do every week or even every day.


Part of goal achievement is growing and learning. We should always be trying new ideas especially things that intimidate us or feel outside of our comfort zone. It’s great to do things that are working, but you should also want to push your limits. That’s how you reach that next level and avoid becoming stagnant.

There’s always a new approach or a new idea you can try. Thinking like this can get you into a creative mindset. Brainstorming ideas that seem silly can lead to ideas that are brilliant.

Bill Burnett author of Designing Your Life explains this concept called Mind Mapping. You can use it to help you produce creative ideas you might not have considered before. If you don’t have creative ideas to experiment with, use this technique.
Watch this 3-minute video “Unlock Your Ideas With Mind Mapping”

Network with 3 new people

Solidarity makes goal achievement much harder. It’s helpful to network with people who have:

  • already achieved what you want to achieve,
  • have more knowledge around a subject than you do,
  • ideas you can bounce off each other and get motivated with.

Surrounding yourself with people that have the same goals as you will invite inspiration and clarity into your space. The friends and family in your circle might support you, but they might not understand your goals. Someone who is part of your niche and in a similar position as you will understand your struggles and wins.

The more connections you make in this sphere the easier it will be to find success. Networking can be tough so I linked an article here to help you with some tips and tricks to get you started. The article is business based but the tips are really good and may be applied to most networking situations.

Expand your knowledge

Learning is the fastest way to see growth in your life. You always want to be growing and evolving, as this helps to expand your mind to new ideas.

Every month try to focus on learning something new. The subject matter you learn should be based on your goal. If you want to be the expert at anything you need to know everything there is to know about it.
Different approaches to learning could include:

  • taking a course
  • attending a seminar
  • reading an informational book that pertains to the subject you’re trying to master
  • Or beginning training with a coach or mentor.

Below is my 30-day plan example. I create new goals every month based on the above criteria.
Exp: My 3 action moves are:

-1 guest post
-4 new articles (1 new article per week Email my subscriber list twice a week

The one new thing I will try is:
Facebook Live

The 3 people I will network with are
Classy Career girl
Let’s reach success
Loraine Bellamy

Develop knowledge:
Read, “Designing your life” by Bill Burnett
Take acopywriting course


Your macro goals should be three actionable things that you believe will work or you’ve seen work in the past. They should be practical things that you know you need to do in order to achieve your goal. You should also have one experimental thing “what would happen if I tried…”. You should aim to network with three new people every month. They should be people in your field or who have already accomplished what you are aiming to accomplish. Lastly, learning everything more about your goal is important. Read books, take a class, do something that educates you on the subject of your goal.

60-day: Analytics

After 60 days of using this 30-day format, you should have gone through the 30-day plan twice. Make sure you keep the same three action items within the 60-day time frame but change the other three items.

If you’ve stuck to the plan for 60 days then you have enough information to analyze and have gathered some feedback about your results.

Ask yourself whats working

Are my three action items working?

My example:
Action 1: still working hard to get posted by other blogs. Guest posting increased website page views by 50%
Action 2: found that batch writing works better to save time and get more accomplished
Action 3: 2 emails a week increased open rate by 20% but lost 10 subscribers this month

FB live didn’t get much engagement. Next month will try again but this time will plan differently.

Networked with three new people: working with one on a side project. Made a connection on Instagram with the another. Emailed the third about backlinks. She wasn’t interested.

You need to analyze what works and what does not otherwise you are just making guesses without any data or statistics. Planning will be more effective if you know whether or not these efforts are getting you closer to your goal.

Things always need a little tweaking and small adjustments. It’s good to evaluate these things to see what you need to be doing differently.

Use tools to track progress

The tools you use will vary depending on what your goal is.

Make sure you’re using some tracking method so that you can see the progress.

90-day: Reevaluate

After 90 days of following the steps in the 30-day plan, go back and reevaluate.

Look at your big goal. Has it changed? How?
Write down why you still want it.
What good habits have you formed?
What’s one new skill you developed or something new you’ve discovered/learned?
How consistent have you been and can you improve consistency? (see how to improve consistency)
What’s working well and what isn’t?
What is no longer serving you that you will stop doing?
What should you focus more of your attention on?

Without looking at your “why” statement that you developed before starting your goal setting journey (if you followed the goal setting guide). At this moment, think about what exactly it is that you want and why you still want it.

Taking the 30, 60 and 90-day challenge will allow you to see things from a different perspective than you were looking at before.

Creating an action plan and working hard towards something helps you gain a meaningful perspective on what makes a dream a reality. This content and continuous work toward your goals will help you gain even more clarity on why they are so important. As you develop a deeper meaning to your mission you’ll be surprised at the different things your journey morphs into.

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